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Firex 7000 Combination Alarm
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Alarm Systems Products
Both Smoke and Carbon Monoxide in a single unit

The Firex 7000 combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm offers homeowners convenient protection from two deadly threats-fire and carbon monoxide poisoning in a single alarm. Using the same 5' base and quick connect harness, you can replace most existing Firex smoke alarm products without additional wiring.

Key Features:

Smoke & CO Alarm shares a single interconnect wire.
Can serve as a stand alone or interconnected alarm.
Replace or move alarms with quick connect harness.
Uses a standard 5” Firex mounting bracket.
Comes with Battery.
Ramp up horn to protect hearing during testing.
Smart Quiet Alarm Locator-Silences all but the trigger alarm for up to 10 minutes. Helps you identify the area of immediate danger without the distraction of all alarms sounding.
Quick quiet false alarm control: Quiets the trigger alarm without losing protection.
Battery lasts 5 years in backup mode.
Battery lasts a minimum of 1 year in battery operation.

*120V AC Direct Wire with 9 Volt Battery Back-up or Battery only option
FIREX®, the recognized leader in residential fire protection, brings you the latest in carbon monoxide detection technology.

For Single or Multiple Station Use.
120 V AC or 9 volt DC.
85 Decibels at 10 feet.
Biomimetic detection type on CO detector and dual ionization on smoke detector.
Three Separate LEDS provide constant visual status of the alarm.
Large easy access button for testing and resetting/silencing alarm.
UL 2034 & UL217
Dimensions are 6.06” diameter x 2.18” tall.
Interconnect with up to 18 units.
Alarm Systems - Firex 7000 Combination Alarm
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