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Wireless Alarm System 200SA
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Alarm Systems Products
Key features:
No extra wires needed. Secure your home, garage, office and any other objects with this easy to install alarm system.
Full system including wireless motion detector, wireless door/window sensor and remote control.
Auto dial function up to 8 different telephone numbers to notify when there is suspicion . Secure up to 3 different zones with unlimited additional sensors.
Included sabotage sensors and low battery indicators for carefree comfort.

Product sizes:
Home unit (HxWxD in mm): 165x235x60
Remote control (HxWxD in mm): 70x35x15
Door/window contact (HxWxD in mm): 107x58x24
PIR movement detector (HxWxD in mm): 135x70x50
Gross weight: 1,63 kg

Package contents:
Main alarm unit
Power adapter 12VAC/1000mA
Wireless PIR sensor with battery 9V
Wireless door/window switch with battery 9V
Remote control with battery A23 MN21 12V
Telephone cable
Mounting material
Users manual

System requirements :
230VAC Power connection for main alarm unit
Analogue phone connections

Wireless Security System
Auto dialing function for 8 telephone numbers
More than 6500 wireless codes for trouble free operation
Delay time 1-99 seconds
Adjustable alarm time 1-999 seconds
Silent alarm possible
Sabotage security
3 zones
24 hour panic zone
Clear zone detection indication
Zones selectable. Activate alarm while staying / sleeping at home
User programmable security codes
Radio Frequency channel 433 Mhz
50 meter wireless working range (without obstacles or interference)
Battery low indication on all wireless products
Remote controller for on/off alarm and with extra panic button
Standard alarm switches can also be connected
Alarm Systems - Wireless Alarm System 200SA
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